Cancellation Policy

To reserve your spot, you can send an Email with your details. After receiving your booking confirmation, showing the total price of the holiday package, your place will be held for 3 days for you whilst you can pay the package.
In case of delay and not responding to any form of getting in touch with you, Lets Yoga reserves the right to give the spot to other potential clients after these 3 days.

Payment & Cancellation
We suggest to sort out a travel cancellation insurance online or in any travel agency. In case of cancellation Yoga Tides reserves the right to claim a 100,- € cancellation fee p.p.
If you cancel more than 60 + days before the start of the holidays, you will get all of your money back, except the 100,- € p.p. fee.
50% refund for cancellations 30 – 60 days before holiday start date, and after that, we reserve the right to claim 100%.

Other Insurances
We recommend you to contract an adequate holiday insurance as well as a personal accident insurance for any incident/injuries/ losses that may occur while traveling and practicing yoga and any other activity, like surfing, etc. during your stay. By paying the package you acknowledge that you are joining this program at your own risk (on and off site the building). You are aware that there is no insurance, coverage or compensation provided for any kind of damages, accidents or losses.

When you as a participant are unable to attend parts of the program due to sickness, illness, injury, or other unforeseen circumstances, credit for the remaining classes cannot be provided for other days. There are NO REFUNDS if arriving later or departing earlier for other reasons. You agree that you will not hold Yoga Tides, Patrick Mazur, Sarah Rosowski and any of its teachers, partners, owners of the accommodation or yoga practicing places liable for any injury, loss or illness that may occur to you during this program.

Covid 19
Please check with your government and the Portuguese government as well about the current regulations of traveling. Potential obstacles related to COVID situations are no valid reasons for cancelations. Please make sure to book additional insurance for these cases.



Thank you so much for your patience to read this. Do you have any other question? Please do not hesitate and send us an Email to be perfectly prepared for your yoga holiday.